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Omoluwabi Ethos, Proudly Oodua

This is Governor Akeredolu holding umbrella for Prof. Wole Soyinka as a mark of respect.To say he won my heart and attention for commendation today is to state the obvious. I’m just too impressed at his humility and confidence. Only few governors in this country will do this.

As reciprocal as respect really is, we can’t help subscribing completely to its nobility and the need to treat Elders with great respect. And to be quite frank, the Yorubas of Western Nigeria are unequalled in this regard. They are known for showing visible respect to elders and that is one lesson our younger generations must learn and imbibe. An average Yoruba man will roll on the ground for an elder as a sign of respect and will never greet you standing up.

We must begin to learn the importance of respecting our seniors in various fields of endeavour no matter the offices and positions we occupy and I encourage us to make out time to listen to and spend quality time with elders, especially our parents to attract their prayers, blessings and wisdom. It cost nothing to do so but to no small measure, it adds value to our lives.This man, Governor Akeredolu just made my day.

Kudos, sir.

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