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Shocking: Lady narrates how her dog found a big lizard(lacoste!)

Soo… earlier today I was in a class and my dog started barking like crazyyyy, I even yelled “Oscar stop”, when I do that and he’s just tryna mess around, he stops; at least for a while. But my guy kept barking and barking like never before, that’s how I ran out and thisss!!!

I mean he always barks when he sees a crab so I could swear it was a crab!! Man it was SO HUGE!! I could only take a pic from the distance Oscar was barking

People tried to help catch it but it pulled a 007 on ‘em. I’m sleeping alone tonight, may the force be with me.

My guess is that’s a monitor lizard, my sis thinks it’s an alligator. Omo I no sabi, all I know is it was a hug ass one and anything that I can’t use my feet to step on is a threat to my life.

See reaction to what she found bellow.

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