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10 Top 13 Single Nollywood Bachelors & Spinsters

10)Benita Nzeribe – 30+
Benita Nzeribe – 30+

Benita does not agree that she is growing old. She is still spending time to let every Dick and Harry know that she is still young, maybe younger than her looks. She says she hasn’t found the right man to love, and will get married as soon as she finds him, rich or not. But who knows when this will be?

11) Tonto Dike – 30
Tonto Dike – 30

The light-skined and rascally Tonto feels its yet too early to say “I do”. Marriage is not yet on her list of priorities at the moment.

12) Rukky Sanda – 30
Rukky Sanda – 30

Judging by her beautiful and chubby looks, one could hardly tell that Rukky has clocked 30. She is still enjoying her spinsterhood, and does not give a damn to what people are saying about her status.

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