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9 Telltale Signs Your Guy’s Female “Friend” Is Something MORE

9. You Catch Him In Half-Truths About Her
Your boyfriend knows that you don’t like him hanging out with his female “friend”, so he “forgets” to tell you they went to the movies together or hung out alone at her apartment. Anything short of complete honesty and transparency when it comes to his “friend” could signal a relationship that’s moving OUT of the friend zone.
Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch their relationship turn in to something more while you’re being left behind. If you see any of these signs, it’s possible they’re completely innocent … or they’re dangerous clues that your boyfriend is developing deeper feelings for this friend.
If you’re going to stay in this relationship, you need to set your boundaries. Spell out what YOU feel is appropriate behavior in their friendship. If your boyfriend chooses to disregard your feelings and the boundaries you set, then you will need to consider whether these danger signs are worth risking your heart.


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