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Top 5 ways Oral S3X can stop domestic violence

It happened by accident, but it revealed many truths to us. Now, it is clear that 100% of our women want to receive oral s3x from their men. So, my brothers and my sons, I don’t have to remind you. It is your duty to give it to your wives or your lovers, if you are not married.

If it gives them so much pleasure, what will it cost you to do it? In fact, most of the domestic violence we talk about will be solved if each man gives his woman oral treatment 3 times every week. Nobody will hear kpim from them in form of argument or domestic violence. That will save Ooduarere millions of money spent intervening in disputes between husbands and wives.

When something means to much to so many such as oral s3x means to people, it is our duty to open discussion on it, knowing that we are doing something that increases happiness and decreases misery and fighting. Oral s3x is one thing that will double the pleasure and happiness between couples. We must invest time and thought into it.

Now, our discussion must look into why men in this part of the world may be reluctant to give oral sex to their women.

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  1. Matthew Oluyede

    The problem is when u get an unhygienic lady, infact that would make u hate such.

  2. Matthew Oluyede

    Some Vijays oozes like pit toilet in a hot sun?

  3. Olanrewaju Adetola

    oral sex is one key component that can easily help a woman climax easier than penis,I see nothing wrong with that,infact sometimes I do some crazy things with my wife and anything it takes to make her come she will surely do same,any woman who usually climax easily forgives and keep loving that man and can never look outside,so let everyone follow any method that works for her family.


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