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How I changed the mood for my Ex – Pls help me o!


Yesterday, I met my ex in a store kissing her new boyfriend in front of me, I was watching them. She saw😎 me then she kissed him more and asked me what I was doing here?. I told her my wife is pregnant 🤰 and I am here to buy baby🤱 stuff and I am very very happy.🤣.

I spoke as if she asked how i was feeling. I proceeded in the store as she was looking at me, I bought 3 buckets, diapers, a baby seat, and a baby bed with a sponge with soaps, a baby trawler, bicycle, baby wears, etc. then I called an uber 🚓 and left. She and her boyfriend were looking at me and I felt good!.

The issue now is; if you know any woman who has given birth, I am selling buckets, diapers, baby seats, soaps, and sponges at affordable prices. Please HELP me, l was supposed to go and pay our compound electricity and water bill with the money..😭😭


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