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Please help, Hubby Threatens to impregnate Another Woman just to Prove a Point

My hubby and I have been 2gether for as long as 8 yrs but then no Child.

Am concerned yet he doesn’t appear to be concerned by any means, he said its GOD that gives children,of cos I knw that is valid. We have been begging and beleiving GOD for a wonder. I let him know we ought to go for a check up,my result was okay.His result demonstrates that he has a low sperm count. he started taking some recommended prescription for some time,but he didn’t take the drugs religiously like the specialist advised. He later quit taking the medications. at that point we had a battle.

He said he doesn’t have a low sperm count and that the test outcome is not genuine that since am blaming him for not being a genuine man, he will go and test him self outside by getting another lady pregnant that I ought not get angry becos am the one that pushed him outside. I don’t knw why he is thinking that it hard to acknowledge his medicinal condition and treat him self as opposed to set outside to test him self.

His families and companions believes am the one at deficiency, cos wen a couple can’t have children, people point fingers at the wife. Am so befuddled right now,I have many thoughts going thru my mind. I adore him so much and he has dependably been there for me. Yet, this trying times are killing me. Dear people what would you advise your sister to do. Much appreciated

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