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Recent Sermon by Oluwo Solagbade Popoola.

Lesson: Today’s lesson is talking about Thanks giving. People believe that by doing good is helping those who help you but their are lot of ways to give thanks. For instance, let’s look at those selling fruits and other things, when do we give thanks to Ogun for providing iron equipment? when do we give thanks for Sango for giving rain? when do we give thanks to Oya for breeze? If your business is going smoothly, have you ever sat down and give something to Aje and thanks for making your business prosperous? Look at all the furnished works, They are gotten from the trees we cut, Did you give thanks to the spirit in the tress? Did you try to plant another tree back? These are the things we need to really take care of. Any business you want to do, try and study it and find it the Orisas in care of that business and always give thanks to them.

Prayer. As this year is going to an end, i pray that all your sorrows and calamity will also come to an end. Ase!!!

Source: Ifa University


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