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Rev Fr. Mbaka Innocent of All Accusations. Engr. Chime Chinedu Enoch

One will ask what’s the rationale behind any prophecy; if any Aphorism that comes out of a man of God is actually a Prophecy. The gullibility of Nigerians in naivety amount to Lazy gossip.

Their intuitions are manipulated by themselves to make them confused about the reality. When a man of God foresee an event to come based on calculations of the passed events, instincts, necessity of the evil rulers or genuine information etc then decide to advice in order to prevent or avert the predicament, he has done well and should be applauded. The duty of the protagonist is to be proactive, if his hands are tied he should have resulted back to the Man of God or Priest for solution apart from prayers.

We don’t learn, even after reading and studying the Bible we also play fools in our reasoning and actions. How will you think that castigations and noise will change the already stipulated plan of the enemy. The children of Israel sourced for advice or solutions after each prophecy or vision from the prophets in the Bible not raining curses on them.

Rev. Fr Mbaka only said in a short term that if Rt Hon. Ihedioha is not careful APC will boot him out like others and replace him with their own Hope Uzodinma, how on earth should this be an issue rather than seek for solution having the knowledge of such. We Nigerians have failed in all essence playing in their evil manipulations and games. We must not continue making the same mistakes all the time. The punishment of any man of God using Gods name wrongly is for God not for man. I urge and advice all aggrieved persons to remain steadfast in God, humble themselves to seek for solution and stop apportioning blames to an anointed innocent man of God fulfilling his God ordained ministry.

APC without been told is desperate for power and ready to do anything to retain at least one state in Southeast because of 2023 Presidential election coming soon. They have succeeded in destroying our democracy even Rev Fr Mbaka is aware of it but have to do the work his Master have sent him to do.

Engr Chime Chinedu Enoch aka Englishman PDP Youths Parliament Speaker and IPAF Igbo Public Affairs Foundation Youth Leader.

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