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Tricks the Lagos big-girls devise to catch men, True or false ?


Somebody just shared a set of the newest tips used by Lagos big-babes – aka the hustling kinds – devise to find guys these days. They said these ladies, the most serious ones – no more use of sexy gowns and hang out lodges, eateries, and bars to generally meet guys, they have moved a stepper further. Bellow are the list of tips they do now…


1. They become members of high class gyms in hopes of meeting big men there
2. They attend big churches they know rich men attend
3. They attend weddings of really rich people hoping to meet really rich men there
4. They hustle to find money to travel business class so they can meet men at the business lounge and inside the plane
5. They look for money to join rich men leisure clubs like Boat club, Ikoyi club etc.

Ladies, she na true or false? What others tricks do you think these girls use to find rich men?
Please share in the comment box bellow.

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