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After 1,000 years: Patriarch Kirill & Pope Francis Meet in Havana

Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis meet up for a historic meeting in the Cuban capital, the first occasion when that the leaders of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches have met in almost 1,000 years.

© SPUTNIK/ SERGEY PYATAKOV Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis Meet in Havana

Both sides have expressed hope this meeting will mend the thousand years old break between the two noteworthy Christian churches. The Russian Orthodox Church split away 1054 over religious contradictions, and the two formally separated in 1438.


“I have big hopes for my upcoming meeting with Pope Francis,” Kirill said earlier on Friday.
The two leaders are likewise expected that would address the destiny of Christians in the Middle East. The Russian Orthodox Church additionally communicated hope that both Kirill’s and Francis’ worries over the abuse of Christians will be heard by world leaders.

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/art_living/20160212/1034672002/kirill-francis-meeting.html#ixzz3zzcRrSt6

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