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odu ifa Ìwòrì Ìká

Check out this Ifa verse in Ìwòrì Ìká (Iwori Àyòká):

We should always think ahead and aftermath in all we do.

Ifa always exposes possible outcome of situation and also provides immediate solutions to it all. Only if we know how to apply it amicably.

Please pounder and meditate over these Ifa words very well.

Enjoy this Ifa verse in Ìwòrì Ìká (Iwori Àyòká):

Kí’ná ó má kù ú
Kí’yà ó má ba à je eérú
K’áàrò ó má yè gèrè
K’óbè ó má ba à dànù
K’ólóko ó má kù ú
K’óko òhún ó má ba à d’ìgboro
Kí baálé ilé ó má kù ú
Kílé òhún ó má ba à d’ahoro
Orí Àyòká omo ìsé ló dùn báyìí
Omo Ìsé tí d’olóhun
B’áyé bá dùn
Bí ò dùn
Èyin ò w’èyìn Àyòká

Let the fire not be extinguished
For the ashes not to suffer
Let the furnace not collapse
For the soup not to spill onto the ground
Let the owner of the farm not suffer premature death
For the farm not to turn into a wilderness
Let the head of the family not die unexpectedly
For the household not to turn into a deserted home
See how fortunate Àyòká now is who was once suffering from poverty
The child suffering from want now has surplus
If the world is interesting
Or not
Look at how the life of Àyòká eventually turned out.

Their are many of us out there like Àyòká that people love to judge us with our present situation not knowing what Ifa has in store for us. Ifa shall turn our story to good in this new year. Ase!!!


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