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Are you ready for Esu Is Not Satan 2020 Awareness Campaign #EsuIsNotSatan2020

This is a peaceful campaign and awareness of who Orisa Èṣù (or Esu) is. We should all get a polo shirt and any trendy clothing and customized it with ” Èṣù- (or Esu) is not Satan”.

Come December 24th, 2020, wear it to anywhere you are going in your area. Snap yourself with the cloth and share it on facebook for the whole world to see. Help us share with the whole world! With hastTag #EsuIsNotSatan2020

If the truth has been forbidden, let’s start breaking the rules.
Ire ooo

Send a picture of yourself to info@ooduarere.com or omooduarere@gmail.com

See other photos from previous year awareness.

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