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Iba Obaluaye Oniwowo ado!

That ose obaluwaye, all the difficulties if you go far away from our family. I ask that divinity that crowned all the orisas on top of the earth, bring recognition and respect to our ori.
That the earth always be favourable to us, and that we can walk on it for many years.

Sajeje Awo atalede
Adifa fun Sonponna
Elewu Ina
Elewu axis
Ebo ni won ni ko se
O si gbegbo nbe ni o rubo
One, you sonponna nlale ba bo
Gbogbo aye ni no kese

Sajeje Awo atadele
It was who did a divination for sonponna
The one who dresses up like a fire
The one who dresses of blood
And le guided doing ebos
So that people never lost respect for him
So it doesn’t matter where is sonponna,
Everyone around you stay silent

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