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IFA and its opposite principles – what my teacher taught me

My teacher (peace be upon him) not only encouraged me to study IFA and its opposite principles, he also encouraged me to study the opposite principle of MAAT and the Memphite Theology – “you don’t know anything about epistemology and philosophy until you study and understand the mystery system of ancient Egypt,” he opined. As a good student, I took his advice and my life changed forever.
I remember, one day, he pulled out a die from his pocket; an ancient die he bought from a collector in Cairo, whose cubical configuration goes as follows: 1 opposite 2, 3 opposite 4, and 5 opposite 6. He handed me the die and asked me to make an educated deduction from the faces of the die. I could only think of one thing: the sum of each opposite pair is a prime number (I.e. 3, 7 and 11). My teacher wasn’t too impressed; he revealed a lot of which I can only share a few.


IFA and its opposite principles
According to my teacher (may PBUH always), just as the ancient Awos in the Yorubaland and elsewhere knew that Ifa or base2 was the building block of all bases of natural numbers, the ancient Egyptians knew that prime numbers were the building blocks of all natural numbers. Not only that, they also formulated the nth prime term for the sum of each opposite pair of finite faces in a die. To be honest, I didn’t know there’s so much information locked in the faces of a die. I just thought a die was a die…..lol.
There’s nothing new under the sun!!!

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