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Photos from Ifa festival 2019 of Araba of Oworonsoki

Eni t’ase loore ti o dupe bi olosa ko ni leru loni
An ingrate is like a robber

I wish to express my gratitude to everyone for the love shown on my Ifa festival 2019.

My appreciation is expressed from my Odu of the year, “Irente gbe” as follows:-

Ategbe ihin, Ategbe ohun
Adifa fun Ireke ti ntorun bo waye 
Ebo adun ni won ni ko se
O gbebo nbe o rubo
Orunmila, Ogiriyanda
Ifa wa fadun saye mi

Ategbe here, Ategbe there
Cast divination for sugarcane coming from heaven to earth 
It was divinely instructed to perform sacrifice to be endowed with sweetness 
It complied 
Orunmila, unfathomable 
Ifa, please endow me with life full of sweetness

May Ifa endow us with everlasting joy. Ase.

Stay blessed

From Araba of Oworonsoki land Lagos Nigeria

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