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Some Orisa you probably don’t know (Must See)

Orisa Bayani
This powerful Orisa is Orisa of children who were born with dread hair. It is very good to worship this Orisa asking for protection, victory over the enemies and all kind of prosperity in life. Everyone can worship this Orisa: it walks with Ori and this is why it is worshipped in Ile Ori.

Orisa Kori
This is a river Orisa for children; she protect children against evil in life, against suddenly death and accidents, and so on. It is good also for adults to worship her for long life, prosperity and protection. Every mother should worship Orisa Kori to ask for protection of her children. She walks with Egbe and she can be worshipped in a pot like the Egbe orun pots.

Orisa Olubobotiribo Baba Enu
This is the Orisa of the mouth; its cult is extremely important for those who are looking for protection against accusations. Mouth has a great power: the power to feed, to talk, to taste, to teach; not all its power is good: you can also curse with your mouth, you can accuse and offend people. This is a good reason for worship this Orisa praying to it and asking for only good things and words to comes out of our mouth and also for not receiving offenses and accusations.

Orisa Olubobotiribo Baba must be worshipped with a ceremony in which for its duration the food is preserved for everyone to eat. Orisa Olubobotiribo Baba is worshipped in a pot.


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