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The Importance Of Ori In Our Lives

Ori is our inner spiritual connection and the veneration of the naturalism of a spirituality . In all spirituality , ori is the connective bond between us and Olodumare.

Everyone has Ori irrespective of your religion and spirituality .

Ori is also controlling center of our IWA ( Character )
( iwa l’obi ori). Iwa is the obi of acceptance of ori.
No matter how hard the challenges, difficulties, agonies etc
No matter what you’re going through in this life if everything ignore you ,only your ori will be with you till the end .

Whenever you wake up in the morning ,do Iwure to your ori because it’s the natural spirituality you can easily possessed
To connect with your Olodumare.

Your Ori is only thing you have come rain , come shine.


Ori mi gbemi
Ori mi lami
Ori mi segbe fun mi
Nitori ori leja fii labu
Ori leku fii lagbo
Ori mi gbemi je kin se rere ni ile aye

My inner spiritual head help me
My spiritual head save me
My spiritual head come to my rescue
Because you’re behind a fish in the ocean
Because you’re behind the rat in the bush
My inner spiritual head let me be successful in all my endeavors in life ashe..

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