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Top 10 Nigerian Ethnic Groups & Their Dressing Styles (Photos)

5. Hausa/Kanuri/Fulani Nation

The Hausa/Kanuri/Fulani people occupy Northern Nigeria. These people have been grouped together because of the similarities in their culture, dressing and language. They are the most populated people in Nigeria and make up the major tribe. Apart from the Fulani people, most Nigerians won’t be able to differentiate between these tribes. Religion has also helped to strengthen the bond shared by this triad as well as other minorities in their region. These people live a quiet, reclusive and pastoral life. They are not known for extravagance. Their traditional system is modelled after the Islamic method of a Caliphate, Sultanate and Emirate. Most towns are ruled by an Emir or his delegate. The Fulanis are remarkably nomadic in nature! These people are mainly farmers and cattle herders while there are also large pockets of politicians and civil servants. They dress with a “Kaftan” or “Jalabiya”. The Fulanis in particular are unique in their dressing. The first picture below depicts Hausa/Kanuri while the second depict Fulani/Fulfulde.

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