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Ulo clay: Top 10 benefits and uses

1. Removing toxins from the body

Some people ingest ulo clay with the aim of removing toxins from the body. This may be one of its most well studied benefits.

Various studies suggest that ulo clay may reduce the effects of toxins.

For example, a study on chicks found that ulo clay reduced the effects of a toxin called aflatoxin B1, which comes from certain types of mold. Chicks that received a concentrated ulo clay product had fewer toxic effects than those who did not receive the clay.

Another studyTrusted Source looked at the effects of montmorillonite clay, which is very similar to ulo clay, on reducing toxins in children in Ghana, West Africa. In the study area, aflatoxins in homemade nutritional supplements are linked with poor growth and related disabilities.

The researchers found that children who received a calcium montmorillonite clay product each day for 2 weeks had fewer signs of aflatoxins in their urine than those who did not receive it.

In a small-scale animal study, rats consumed wastewater that contained cyanide. Researchers gave some of the rats various amounts of ulo clay or a placebo. Those that received the most clay had the lowest amount of the toxin in their bodies after 3 weeks.

Scientists need to conduct more research before they can confirm that ulo clay is safe and effective for use in humans.

How to use

Mix up to 1 teaspoon (tsp) of ulo clay with 6–8 ounces (oz) of purified water and drink once per day.

People can buy ulo clay powder in drug stores or choose from many brands online. Be sure to choose a form of clay that the manufacturer has labeled as edible.

Take ulo clay at least 2 hours before or after taking any medications. Because it can adsorb other molecules, ulo clay may bind to some medications and reduce their effectiveness.

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