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Ulo clay: Top 10 benefits and uses

7. Treating diarrhea

Some research suggests that adsorbent clays such as ulo may help alleviate virus-related digestive issues, such as diarrhea.

For example, rotavirus can cause severe diarrhea and spreads easilyTrusted Source from person to person. One study found that an adsorbent clay called diosmectite helped stop rotavirus from replicating.

Another study found that clay minerals adsorbed rotavirus in cows.

If diarrhea does not subside after treatment with clay products, a person should continue to drink plenty of fluids, try more common approaches to treating diarrhea, and contact their doctor.

How to use

For virus-related mild diarrhea, take 1 tsp of ulo clay mixed in water no more than twice per day. If diarrhea persists, see a doctor.

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