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Ulo clay: Top 10 benefits and uses

5. Aiding weight loss

Ulo clay may be a helpful supplement for people who are trying to lose weight.

One study in ratsTrusted Source found that ingesting a montmorillonite clay product helped reduce weight gain among those eating a high-fat diet.

Although some traditional healing methods have used clay products for many years, there are better ways to lose weight. Reducing calorie intake and increasing physical activity levels are still the best choices.

6. Relieving constipation

Because ulo clay can stick to toxins, it may be helpful for regulating a person’s digestive tract.

One review of the benefits of ulo(bentonite) clayTrusted Source has suggested that the clay may help some people who have irritable bowel syndrome with constipation. This use of ulo clay merits more research but shows promise.

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