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Federal gov. Set to Replicate SME Clusters in 9,555 Wards Nationwide

FG is defined to reproduce the success story of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) clusters in 9,555 wards over the country.

“In Lagos, Minister of Science and Technology Dr. Abdu Bulama discolsed the goal of those projects is to market raw materials processing clusters, that will be an initiative of the Raw Materials Research and Development Council.

“The success story of the Otigba cluster; Ikeja Computer Village; Nnewi Automotive SME cluster, the Kano Leather Cluster; Aba Fashion and Garments cluster; Kano Leather Cluster, Aba, Abeokuta and Osogbo tie and dye industry have proved beyond doubts that the cluster concept is one of the potent strategies required for enhancing speedy development of the non-oil sector,” Bulama said.

The idea has received the approval of the Federal Government for implementation in most wards over the country.

“Because of this, it had been named the Ward Based Cluster Project. Consequently, it could be replicated in most 9,555 wards in the Country,  predicated on each ward’s comparative advantage when it comes to natural resources endowment. It’s our sincere belief and hope that through the NIRAM Expo, we are able to redirect the focus of the manufacturing sector towards increasing patronage of good quality secondary raw materials or intermediate inputs produced locally in preference to continued importation, and thereby conserve foreign exchange and free such funds for other development purpose,” he said.

President Jonathan has generated an enabling environment and a thriving economy that may boost the growth SMEs.

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