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Swiss Bank set To Return Additional $380M Of Abacha’s Loot To Nigeria.

Geneva prosecutors said Tuesday they requested the cash seized in Luxembourg beginning in 2006. It was transferred to Switzerland and formally seized a year ago after an assention in the between  Nigeria and the Abacha family under which the Nigerian government dropped its argument against the late Abacha’s son, Abba Abacha.

The cash, seized on the premise that the Abacha family was a criminal association, will now be sent back to Nigeria under World Bank supervision. Geneva prosecutors shut their own particular case, opened in 1999, in which Abba Abacha was the last individual still under scrutiny. Switzerland has already sent back to Nigeria more than $700 million that Sani Abacha stashed in Swiss accounts.

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  1. Success

    thank God, for killing this man so early
    How on earth can he steal such a huge money http://t.co/gputG5zLtQ


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