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Chaos In Ukraine Is Making An Epic Comeback

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In Ukraine, the situation is slowly, but surely, falling into even a deeper abyss, full of violence and corruption – in the name of democracy for sure.

Joe Biden entered the White House, a true Ukrainian friend, who is prepared to support Kiev to the ends of the Earth. Especially after the investigations into him and his son Hunter Biden over stealing billions faded into obscurity.

As such, the internal situation in Ukraine is worrisome for even the most disillusion observer.

It all started with the shutting down of opposition TV channels and immediately moved to attacks on the largest and most popular opposition party – “Opposition Platform – For Life!”.Opposition leaders were then sanctioned, for being “Putin agents”, and many of its members were openly censored and persecuted. Then it came down to censoring and persecuted another well-known opposition figure – Anatoly Shariy, and his party.

Websites were pulled down, accounts were banned, cases were opened against those against President Volodymyr Zelensky and his “Servant of the People” party.

Crumbling power is being consolidated by the small clique of Nazi apologists and foreign puppets, which in the current format appears to be represented by President-Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky. Any resistance is being snuffed out. This is how democracy works in Ukraine, and it has the full backing of the bastion of Democracy – Washington.

As a significant additional concern comes the situation in Eastern Ukraine.

The ceasefire is all but forfeit, provocations are daily. Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are frequently reported as dead or wounded, and it is all blamed on the “pro-Russian separatists” in the face of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

At the same time, Kiev forces regularly shell both military positions, as well as civilian locations, mostly indiscriminately. According to opposition sources, the Ukrainian Armed Forces also use civilians to shield itself, while they attack.

Every single chance is being used to cause a provocation that could potentially escalate. The leadership of self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have warned Kiev against worsening the situation, as heavy clashes were reported more than once.

The largest incident in the recent weeks took place on February 25th, near Gorlovka, and since then clashes have been frequently happening across the entire contact line.

Critical mass is nearing, and the impetus was expressed in Joe Biden’s words that the EU needs to “stand for Ukrainian sovereignty” and that the US was prepared to take the lead. G_3(A)

The lead isn’t being taken, but Kiev’s impunity has begun. “Russian aggression” is back on the agenda and the fight against is must be renewed.

This is justification for many harsh actions, that border atrocities, both in Eastern Ukraine and, internally for Ukraine.

With Washington’s blessing, all opposition being steadily removed, a “pure democracy” is coming to Ukraine. There are many ticking time bombs in Ukraine, and when one explodes, the chain reaction promises to throw everything into chaos

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