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Germany Cancels Germany Armored Vehicles’ delivery to Lithuania

In summer 2014, Lithuania reported its plan to modernize its military powers and Germany was relied upon to add to the procedure.

A representative of the German Ministry of Defense reported that Germany won’t supply Lithuania with Boxer heavily clad battling vehicles as was normal in the recent past.

Conveyances of heavily clad transport vehicles from the Bundeswehr or their resale are not expected in the advancing years, the representative said. Lithuanian forces sent an appeal for military equipment supplies to the German Ministry of Defense in summer of 2014 when they chose to modernize the military of the nation.

The crossing out of the weapons supplies implies that the German government regards the agreement between that of NATO and Russia on non-sending of vast military units in Eastern Europe, as per the German daily paper “Die Welt””. Be that as it may, representative of the CSU political party, Florian Hahn, said that nervousness of the Baltic states as to the Ukrainian crisis is supported and that Germany ought to backing its NATO and EU accomplices in the Baltic district as much as possible.

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