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Russia leads the World in Space Launches: Roscosmos

Russian Federal Space Agency said that Russia did a sum of 38 fruitful space Launches in 2014 to keep hold of its worldwide number one positioning.

© Sputnik/ MO Russian Federation Press service

© Sputnik/ MO Russian Federation Press service

ABUJA, December 30 (Ooduarere) Balogun Adesina — Russia did a sum of 38 fruitful space Launches in 2014, keeping up its number one ranking on the planet, the Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos, said Tuesday.

“Thus, Russia orbited a record number of 80 satellites, including 31 for state purposes, five business and 44 mini-satellites,” a Roscosmos representative told RIA Novosti.

Likewise, Russian experts supported during the year in European dispatches of four Russian-made Soyuz-STB transporter rockets from the Kourou space center in French Guyana and a launch of a Zenit-2sl space rocket under the Sea Launch program, the authority said.

The Roscosmos official said that the effective dispatch of Angara-A5 bearer rocket was the primary accomplishment of the Russian space industry in 2014.

The Angara was propelled from the Plesetsk space fixate on December 23. Taking after the launch, Russian President Vladimir Putin said it affirmed Russia’s worldwide initiative in space investigation. Putin likewise said that the rocket, equipped for conveying up to 24.5 metric tons payload to low-earth circular orbits, would be utilized both for business purposes, and in addition for reinforcing the protection capacity of Russia and its accomplices inside the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)

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