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Blasphemy: Time To End This Psychosis By Adekoya Boladale

Christiana Oluwatoyin Oluwasesin, Florence Chukwu, Abdullahi Umaru, Methodus Chimaije Emmanuel, Bridget Agbaheme and Eunice Elisha all have one thing in common; they were gruesomely murdered in cold blood by religious fanatics acting on the disguise of impulsive cerebral dysfunction termed ...

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A disgrace to Yoruba Tradition ? – Bigvai Jokotoye Oreoluwa’s shocking comment

“Most Traditional Religion worshipers are behind kidnapping and money rituals,” says  Bigvai Jokotoye Oreoluwa on Instagram. You will be amazed to know the level of very uneducated or ill-informed some of our actors and actresses  are and this is the main ...

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Ori, Esu and Okan: the difficult alignment. (Must read)

Human beings are generally convinced to be a single piece of consciousness, not realizing that our mind is divided in different parts, each one with its own meaning at least in evolutionary terms. Consciousness that may be identified with awareness ...

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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

Divination Process: Ifa Verses (Odu Ifa) 16 Principal Odu

Ifá is a system of divination that originated in West Africa among the Yoruba ethnic groups. It is also practiced among believers in Lucumi, (sometimes referred to as Santería), Candomblé, West African & Diaspora, and similarly transplanted Orisa’Ifa lineages in ...

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“I’m the custodian of Oodua race but not of all the Irunmoles (Gods) in Yoruba land” – Ooni, After bowing to Jesus

As explained in a previous post about Ooni of Ife bowing to a foreign civilization instead of that of Yoruba Civilization which is not an abomination but may introduce a conflict of interest for an Ooni of Ife to ask for ...

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Esu is not Satan

Google Translate: Èṣù is not Satan or Devil – Spread the word (Video)

This is a peaceful campaign and awareness of who Èṣù (or Esu) is. We should all get a polo shirt and customized it with ” Èṣù- (or Esu) is not Satan”. Come December 24th, 2015, wear it to anywhere you are going ...

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From the table of The World of Ifa

I’m using this medium to call on all my fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and all traditionalist in this world. Please let us all start reporting to Google about the translation they give to Esu been Satan. It’s our responsibility to ...

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