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Translating English names in the bible to Yoruba name, according to Bishop Ajayi Crowder.. #EsuIsNotSatan

1. Adam- Adamo 2. Eve- Eefa 3. David- Dafidi 4. Jesus – Jesu 5 Satan- Esu. Why? It doesn’t follow the above sequence. Why not Sataani or Devil – Defuu. Let it be known all over the world that our ...

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alaafinofoyo esu is not satan

Alaafin of Oyo confirms #EsuIsNotSatan

All hail the king. Ikú baba yeye, Aláse Ikeji Orisa Alaafia of Oyo. As you can see, our king is holding his own cloth to show the whole world that ÈsùIsNotSatan… What are you waiting for??? Go get your own ...

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cheating wife

A man nabbed sleeping with another man’s wife on her matrimonial bed !! (#EsuIsNotSatan)

A man was caught sleeping with another man’s wife on her matrimonial bed. As if they rehearsed it, both the randy and the promiscuous lady said simultaneously, “ise Esu ni”(it’s the work of Esu). Good people, did our cherished Esu ...

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esu is not satan

Èsù is not satan. ( Video) #EsuisnotSATAN2016

Esu, it’s not satan Esu, it’s not satan Esu, it’s not satan Amig@S on Facebook, we are going to support this campaign, which has been driven by baba solágbadé pópóolá, Popoola Olorunimbe Adeoye and a lot of people in Nigeria, ...

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Photo Of The Day: Èsù is not Satan… #EsuIsNotSatan

Photo Credit – Popoola Owomide Ifagbenusola

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#EsuIsNotSatan Awareness movement Is Here Again, Join the Campaign

Hello to all my brothers, sisters, father and mother. As we all know that the Esu is not Satan campaign is fast approaching for the second time, I have some things to clear out. This campaign is not and can ...

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Esu in Yoruba IFA

More about Esu #EsuIsNotSatan

Esu is the essential Irunmole that carries our sacrifice and prayers to Olodumare. We pray that Esu never fights with us nor does he close the doors to our successful things. Iba Esu Yangi, Esu Lalu, Esu Odara, Esu Legba, ...

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esu is not satan

The story of Esu is endless. #EsuIsNotSatan

Listen to the quotation from Idin iwori as follows :- Esu Odara naa i ba ti la Awon akowo ebo ni o je ko ni laari Translation Esu Odara would also have prospered But the stealers of sacrificial money would ...

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Comment of the Day: #ifaISnotSATANIC #EsuIsNotSatan (Must read)

The colonial master came to our land, they brought trade by barter. They exchange out gold, coal and crude oil for merely weapons (guns, knives and accessories) they took all our land. They didn’t stop there, they proceed stealing our ...

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#EsuIsnotSatan: The significance of Esu in Afican Traditional Religion

The significance of Esu in Afican Traditional Religion can’t be over emphasized. Esu siwaju o ko mama gbehin Olori Ebora kii gbehin (Ejiogbe ) Esu, I put you in front, the head of the divinities is not supposed to be ...

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