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Opinion Post! Nobody is accusing President Buhari of interfering in the Akwa Ibom

Just My View

I wonder why nobody is accusing President Mohammadu Buhari of interfering in the Akwa Ibom state Tribunal ruling which the PDP won as well as Abia state and likewise Delta state.

I am accusing him now because he belongs to nobody but everybody.

He must have interfere in this PDP ruling.

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  1. Nlemedim Lawrence Nnanna

    And also Abia State Tribunal today

  2. Leo Churchill

    If you don’t know just now it from today…Ameachi is not from Akwa-Ibom, Abia or Delta…but from Rivers, where he thinks he is going to have a formidable opposition and he is not comfortable with fearless Wike….that is the reason.

  3. Paul Ifeanyi Obiji

    They will never see anything good in PMB that is why we are calling them wailers.

  4. Nnamani Stephen Okechukwu

    leave those sensless pdp noise makers,real men think with their mind not with mouth

  5. Babalola Belovedjohn

    Wailers like Fayose don’t consider those states as part of PMB’s constituency.

  6. Shehu Abubakar

    This shows how egoistic the critisizers are. I do knw must of them are Igbos and the desperate PDP loosers, who are irrelevant to the political terrain of d con3

  7. Yakub Muraina

    Those places you mentioned are not part of Nigeria,they wailed only about Nigeria.

  8. Izuchi Joseph

    The thing is that, when the ruling favours PDP, the judges have done well, but if they lose it’s PMB that interferes. Just like a student and his lecturer, when he passes his exam he will say “I pass my exam, but if he fails, he will say my lecturer failed me’.

  9. Ejykman Anichebe

    APC did not field a candidate in Abia state. And Abia is a PDP state. Same with other states you mentioned.
    River state is where their sponsor comes from and they must protect that state for 2019 election.

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