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Oro Agba from Omololu Olunloyo, a Governor of Oyo State under the NPN

Dr. Omololu Olunloyo, a former Governor of Oyo State under the NPN said “I won’t lie to you, I wasn’t in Awolowo’s Party but I respect him a lot. I would enter his house in Oke Ado and drink beer, enjoyed myself. One day, someone said Baba wanted to see me, I went to him, I said “baba is it true that you want to see me?”, He said, “Omololu yes it is true.”.

“I said ‘Baba they won’t vote for you in this Nigeria. You are a truthful person, you are too honest. Nobody will want you to become President.’ Baba replied ‘but should we allow this trend to continue, Omololu?’ I said “it is difficult to stop sir. People want someone that will leave the gate of CBN vault opened, you will lock it. You know commercial banks opened by 8am and closed by 4pm but they don’t leave till 6pm until they balance their books every day, CBN doesn’t balance, they just go home. I know you Baba, you will want CBN to balance every day and send you report. No one will vote for you. This is Nigeria, it is a country of OLE, Thieves. They have the resources to prevent you from getting there and even if you got there, they will turn this country upside down, there will be chaos, they will ensure they shut you down. I know them…’

“And look at what is happening in Nigeria today, is that not the case? Thieves everywhere. Even those supposedly famous Judges, see the amount of money and arms they are hiding in their homes?
“I don’t see how a just man can rule Nigeria successfully. This is a country of THIEVES…”

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