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Orunmila First Eleven. Aseyisamodun o! Aase! ‪#‎Isese2016‬

Traditional religion association worshiper State of osun (trawso) during the football competition
Look at the picture you will see some our leader in traditional religion like
(1)chief ifayemi elebu ibon (araba awo of osogbo )
(2)chief ifasola onifade (amukinro awo of OSOGBO)
(3)chief erinmi awo osogbo
(4)dr oluseyi atanda
(5)mr ifalere adifala
(6)mr awosunhan adifala
(7)and our trawso president
And some women, please who want to attack them on the field
I really appreciate them on all their effort they did to make our religion growing

May Eledumare will assist us to let every body know the value of trawso



Ifaniyi Omo Inu Ifa

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