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isese lagba

Isese lagba: It’s time to tell our own Stories by ourselves!

If lies had been dominating for thousands of years, it only takes but a fractional part of a day for the truth to overtake.Gone are the days when foreigners are allowed to tell our stories to their satisfaction. These Abrahamists ...

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Artwork Andre Hoya

Artwork: Andre Hoya

Why not bothered about how you can come in alignment with your Orí, Òrìsà, Eégún and Ẹgbẹ́ instead of you talking about other people’s business. Becareful of talking about people who are fulfilling their purpose on earth. Find your own ...

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my Best Enemy part - Original painter: Prof. Moyo Okediji

My Best Enemy: Part 2

“I remember so very clearly when hooligans came to burn down your mother’s shop,” Aduke said. “It’s one of the most vivid memories that I carry from my childhood. I had seen you in school that same day, I think. ...

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Why Are Your Knees So Badly Bruised?

The Chinese bride, just like the Yoruba bride, must prove on the night of the wedding that she has not dishonored the family. What happens between the Yoruba and the Chinese on the night of the wedding? Let’s call the ...

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sanwo olu

Photos: Sanwo-Olu Meets Artist Bodataiye Oniyakuya, Receives Funny Potrait Of Himself.

Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, today received Taiwo Osinowo (Aka Boda Taiye Oniyakuya), who did a funny painting of the Governor and posted it on his Instagram page (@bodataiye_oniyakuya), which got a reaction from the Governor. Mr Governor ...

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Eye illusion test: Do you see an old woman or a young girl?

Look at the picture above closely, do you see an old woman or a young girl?

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Dashiki: The History of a Radical Garment

Dive into the unique history and revolutionary politics of the symbolic West African garment. DIASPORA—The dashiki is clothing as politics. It might not exactly seem that way in its present state—a revived, streetwear trend largely associated with the intricate and ...

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Artist: Moyo OkedijiTitle: Ẹ̀RÌNDÍNLÓGÚNDate: 2017

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Artist: Moyo Okediji​

My motherWho walks in the nightGraceful be thy stepsAs you place your heelOn the head Of a hidden Cobra And it cannot bite you.

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This pack contains various transparent renders for Gods in the Yoruba pantheon: – Olorun Renders will often be updated or new renders added, which will be recorded below: God designs belong to Hi-Rez Studios, I simply made renders with the ...

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