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University of African art presents Awo Luis Emilio Marin

The University of African art is proud to present Awo Luis Emilio Marin in a discussion of sacred and secular art this Tuesday, October 11. Time: 1pm Miami, Florida 1pm Austin, Texas; 2pm New York, NY; 7pm Lagos, Nig; 6pm ...

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Sacred Odu Ìrosùn Ìretè –

“He who draws water will use his head to carry it The elder who plants a seed of wickedness Sooner or later, it will germinate on the heads of his offspring.” Whatever you do now, you are doing it for ...

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ifa 100 percent honest

Why is it important to know yoruba language in the religion?

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Iwa l’oba awure/Character is the king of charms for progress.

Two friends named Temiyemi (meaning uncompromising person) and Omoluabi (meaning nice person) visited a spiritualist so that they have progress in their business. They both own supermarkets separately. The spritualist gave each of them a spritual bottle of water to ...

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Quote of the day – by Iyalorisa

‘Even though they had forgotten who they were, somewhere inside of them the gift of their ancestors remained… Ire O!!!’   Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo

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IKÚ (Angel of Death / Irúnmọ̀le of Death)

IKÚ is not an ÒRÌŞÀ, it’s a type of special Irúnmọ̀le that rules the process of Death. When you see IKÚ in a Vision, in Dreams or in any way, and IKÚ gives you a KISS, you should run to ...

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What Does It Mean To Be A Spiritual Person?

By Iyalorisa Being a spiritual person is synonymous with being a person whose highest priority is to be loving to yourself and others. A spiritual person cares about people, animals and the planet, and strives to be a kind person. ...

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lesson on taboo

What is so important about taboo? Why shouldn’t we break taboo?

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Eewo orisa, a kii gbo’ku Olodumare(Osa logbe).

Universally accepted by humans and deities, we shall never hear the death of Olodumare (God). If it is incontrovertible that Ifa is the esoteric voice of Olodumare, definitely, Ifa shall never die. Today, Sunday, Ojo aiku(day of immortality), being Ose ...

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african wedding

Truth Be Told – Mental Slavery Is The Most Deadliest Disease In Afrika.

Contemporary grown-up afrikans will do anything whatsoever for a white wedding that have nothing to with them at the detriment of our own valid, enlightening and symbolic wedding procession. The destructive mental state of our brothers and sisters today is ...

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