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Oluwo of Iwoland

Food for thought: Oluwo of Iwoland, HRM Oba (Alhaji) Abdulrasheed Akanbi.

I removed an 800 year old deity from the royal ? palace of Iwo because I am above idols – Oluwo of Iwoland, HRM Oba (Alhaji) Abdulrasheed Akanbi. Food for thought 1. So, if this man is the the King (Ataoja) of ...

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7 Ways To Prevent Cultural Mistakes While On Vacation

Nigeria is a culturally sensitive country. Hence, travellers heading to other cities or towns in Nigeria should definitely be aware that not everything is the same especially when it comes to culture. To help travellers avoid potential cultural differences or ...

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The throat of our culture and traditions

Every step we take is rhythm! Every word we speak is rhythm. We will not cut the throat of our culture and traditions. It will live on and survive.. Ase Ire O!!!! Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo‎Ifa

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Giving offering to my ifa with a pig meat elede..

See more (Graphic) photos after the page break

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The cheats, liars, impersonators etc have no hiding place in Ifa/Orisa religion – Araba

Truth may be bitter but it must be said. The cheats, liars, impersonators etc have no hiding place in Ifa/Orisa religion. Listen to this from Otua Rete; B’oro ba ba ologbon omugo ni nda Adifa fun Atankoko Ogberi Ti ko ...

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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

Between A Man And A Babalawo (Ifa chief priest)

A man named Ogbenioja has been patronising a Babalawo named Ifalolese for many years for consultation, Ebo and Akose(special Ifa preparation for goodness). He was in abject poverty. At times, he would have no money for Ebo and Ifalolese, the ...

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ebo yoruba

“I’ve done several ebos (sacrifice) but my situation financially is getting worst”…

A friend, not yet a fully fledged Babalawo, called me from Venezuela and said as follows:- “Araba, my friend, I think I am going to throw Orunmila away(he meant Ifa)”.I asked, why? He said, “I have done several ebos(sacrifice) and ...

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If you don’t believe in “what will be will be”, then listen to voice of Olodumare in “Idin Ileke (Odi irete)”

A baa wo ‘yara ka ti’lekun mo ‘ri Ohun ti o ma se ni ko ni sai se ni Adifa fun Orisanla Oseremogbo Ti ntorun bo wa’ye Won ni bi o ru’bo nkan nla kan o se Won ni bi ...

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our culture history

A case for Yoruba and other African languages; If care is not taken, these languages will be no more in another 2 or 3 generations…

“Ko ni baje nigba tiwa o”! Ase! *Please, “like” and share!

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Òbàrà Méjì No 7.

Whoever this Odu is revealed to, probably during ìtènifá, Ìséfá or Ìdáfá, he/she needs to offer Ebo so as to always receive the blessings of his/her spiritual group in heaven. Ifá make it vivid that this person belongs to a ...

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