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Watch a Typical Religious Propaganda against Traditional Religion of Africa. (KABI O OSI 2)

Every time we condemn our own traditional religion, all we praise is Islam and Christianity. The movie may be  interesting, but the fact is there is no deity that asks for human blood for Sacrifice. The reality is the Film ...

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Death of Alternative Media: West Wages War Against Russian News Agencies.

The EU is paranoid about alleged Kremlin propaganda, calling it “Russian information onslaught,” and since Russian media sources do not push the mainstream Western agenda, they are automatically labelled as “propagandist.”   The EU’s hysteric obsession with alleged Russian propaganda picked ...

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John Kerry Asks Congress for Fatter Propaganda Budget

Stressing the requirement to counter the influence of RT, Secretary of State John Kerry asked Congress for more income to “promote democracy” across the world.  “Russia Today (sic) can be heard in English, do we have an equivalent that can be ...

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