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Just In: Russia Vexes, deploys S-400 in Syria (Photo)

Yup. I heard the rumor earlier today but I wanted a wait a little to get a confirmation. Cassad (whom I trust) has just confirmed: Russia has deployed S-400s in Syria: S-400 in Khmeimim S-400 at the Russian base of ...

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International Military Review – Russia exerts Arctic presence, Nov. 11, 2015

If you are having trouble viewing this video, go to the Youtube version at https://www.youtube.com/user/crimeanfront/videos

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Is Russia living in The Future Part 2 ? (NATO Jammed out of Civilization)

If you missed part one click here to see it. Here is  another update of what Russia got and how far Russia has gone in Electronic Warfare that puts Russia ahead of every other country in the world. Description: The ...

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Foreign policy Diary – The Russia-US standoff in the Central Asia

If you are having trouble viewing this video, go to the Youtube version at https://www.youtube.com/user/crimeanfront/videos

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Russian Fighter Jets Use Bunker Buster Bombs in Airstrikes in Syria

The Russian Aerospace Forces used two BETAB-500 bunker buster bombs in Tuesday’s airstrikes against ISIL targets in Syria, a representative for the Aerospace Forces in Syria said. “Today, Russian strike aircraft used two BETAB-500 bunker buster bombs weighing 500 kilograms ...

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russian kret

Is #Russia living in the Future ? Video: How KRET Richag-AV, Russian Electronic Warfare Works in Real Life ?

According to the youtube channel that shared that made the vido “KRET company approached us to make a short movie showing the capabilities of high-end electronic warfare system – Richag-AV. This helicopter escort air defence suppression system is designed to ...

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crashed airplane

Crashed Russian Airliner Pilot Did Not Seek Traffic Control Help

Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation Hossam Kamal said that the Russian pilot did not ask for help before “the aircraft disappeared from the radar suddenly.” CAIRO  – The pilot of the Russian airliner that crashed in the Sinai Peninsula did not request ...

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Russian Jamming Capabilities Block All NATO Electronics over Syria

From the combat zone in northern Syria comes news of the deployment of a new Russian electronic jamming system which can reportedly blind radar, disrupt electronic guidance systems, and interfere with satellite imagery as well. This latest revelation follows the ...

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moscow metro

Check out STUNNING Moscow Metro stations that look like Museum 

Moscow’s stunning underground network looks like a museum. Who needs a museum when you have a metro by the way ? For many years it was prohibited to take pictures and now with the commuter rush it is impossible to get ...

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russia nato

Russia NATO Syria and The Malhama In Akhir Al-Zaman By Sheikh Imran Hosein

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