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Snowden launches spy-blocking smartphone app

A new app developed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden promises to harness the surveillance power of your smartphone and turn it into a tiny security system to physically guard your data.

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Video: New technology in China turns desert into land rich with crops

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How to Delete Your Browsing History Permanently On Google.

How to Delete Your Browsing History Permanently On Google.

Google monitor your online activities, keeping record of every websites you’ve ever visited when logged in and even keeping record of that junk site you are secretly browsing including dating sites and porn sites. Google is not just a search ...

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Wi-fi To Be Replaced By Li-fi Soon

The Chinese scientists attended closer to produce a quicker wireless communication channel that might be accessible within the next six years. They’ve made progress in creating full-color emissive carbon dots (F-CDs). LiFi or Light Fidelity transfer data at a rapid ...

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Crazy science experiments you should try!

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diesel generator for- ale-jiji

How To Choose Diesel Generator?

Diesel electric power unit consists of a current generator and an engine running on diesel. The construction is mounted on the frame, to reduce the vibration. Types of diesel generators and their purpose. The market of power devices is filled ...

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Domino Pizza is testing Self-Driving Delivery Robots, DRU

Domino’s may soon be conveying cheesy goodness to your doorstep with self-driving pizza conveyance robots. The organization has started testing an invention called the Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU) in New Zealand. The independent pizza delivery robot did its first fruitful ...

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Video: Smart machines and new invention compilation around the world

New technology of machinery, new invention of machinery in the world, modern machines heavy equipment in the world 2016, amazing machine, amazing machine – what does this machine makes, amazing machines in the world compilation 2016 Watch the video bellow.

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Russian MiG-29K

1st Trials: Footage of Flying MiG-29K for Navy (Video)

The Russian Navy will get 24 MiG-29K boat based all-climate multirole warriors fighters before the end of 2015. This 4++ era jet can effectively take part in high-flexibility battle utilizing its weapon and rockets and additionally demolish targets on surface. ...

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Photos: Bells University of Technology student passes on after Asthma attack

A 300level student of Bells University of Technology in Ota, Ogun state named Ruth Idahosa passed on around 2am at the beginning of today in the wake of misery after suffering an Asthma attack late last night. As per her companions, Ruth ...

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