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Armored-Vehicle🚗Named Tekowi Manufactured Two Obasa Brothers Unveiled Ijero Ekiti

Armored Vehicle 🚗 Named Tekowi Manufactured By Two Obasa Brothers Unveiled At Ijero Ekiti -Photos

Over 35 Vehicle Assembly Plants In Nigeria You Didn’t Know Existed, yet Tekowi not among them. Armoured vehicles manufactured by two brothers in Ekiti state for the usage of their father and for the police. Nigerians indeed have the talent ...

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nuclear plant

Nigeria, nuclear power plant and electricity

Nnaji Jekwu Onovo This is a clarion call to the federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari and all policymakers to assess carefully our choice of nuclear energy in the country’s energy mix. Renewable energy is a means of decentralising the ...

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Huawei In Negotiation With Aptoide Over Google Play Store Replacement

The recent result of a total Huawei ban slammed by the United States Government has caused many American companies to cut ties and partnerships with the Chinese smartphone maker. Huawei’s Android license was revoked by Google for future devices, but ...

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5 Places you can access free Wifi via Google Station in Lagos – #GoogleForNigeria

1. Ikeja City Mall 2. Computer Village 3. Domestic Airport 4. The Palms 5. Lekki Landmark Center.  

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How Many people in Nigeria Are Wasting Money On 4K Ultra HD TVs.

4K UHD TVs are the very best display TVs on the market but it’s not for the Nigerian market! What am I even saying ? It’s not really for the African market ! But we see this TVs in the ...

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See 5 Biggest Technology Myths

1. Apple laptops are the best for programming /macs are better than the pcs: Macs are just swag, and programmers like to carry them just for the trend of it. We’ve attached the higher price of mac to mean higher ...

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9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will Shock you !

9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will Shock you !

The entire world of science fiction is rarely missing artificial intelligence (AI). However, the rate where it has been developed and is learning things on it’s own sometimes raises the question of whether AI is science fiction or something that’s ...

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Buy A Tablet

Interesting Reasons To Still Buy A Tablet

  Many people would have you believe that you don’t need a tablet anymore, that everything you use a tablet for can be done just as well or better with another device. So, if you have a tablet and have ...

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speed test

Nigerian Develops App To Speed Up Browsers

How fast is your network speed? Are you using the best phone and Internet service in your area? With #GoSpeedApp you can know the fastest network to use even in the remotest part of the world. Google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ifemwireless.gospeed&hl=en iTunes ...

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Fuxing high-speed train

China Tests New High-Speed Train (VIDEO)

The new train has twice as many carriages as its existing counterparts, and is capable of carrying 1,100 passengers. Currently, a longer Fuxing high-speed train is undergoing tests in Beijing. With a designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the new train measures 415 ...

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