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In Video: Jaysh Al-izza Destroys Vehicle Of Government Forces With Guided Missile In Northern Hama

The media wing of Jaysh al-Izza released a video showing another example of daily ceasefire violations in the Idlib de-militarized zone agreement. The video shows an anti-tank guided missile strike on a vehicle of government forces near the village of Zlin ...

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Maduro’s Days “numbered” Pompeo Warns; Guaido To “formally” Request Us “liberation”

Originally appeared at ZeroHedge It appears this weekend’s provocations and border showdown over US aid entering Venezuela were just the beginning. US State Secretary Mike Pompeo discussed the prospect of military action against Caracas on Fox News Sunday, saying the Maduro regime’s days ...

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Syrian War Report – Feb. 21-22, 2019: Iran Took Control Of Several Us Drones Flying Over Syria, Iraq

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have finished their combing operation in the central Syrian desert, the NDF media center said in a statement. According to the released statement, the SAA and the NDF eliminated ...

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venezuela defense minister

The Minister of Defense of Venezuela rejects Trump’s blackmail against his country

For the Ooduarere.com – a translation collaboration between Deena Stryker and our own amarynth with Deena doing the first rough translation and amarynth doing the subsequent heavy lifting. While this is a quick translation in the interests of time, and ...

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The US Made a Stupid Mistake With the INF Treaty

by Ruslan Ostashko Translated and captioned by Leo. “Killing the INF Treaty was a gift for Russia,” says the title of the material published last week by the American magazine, The National Interest.  This score is fundamentally different from the triumphant ...

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And now, a word from the Jewish Democratic Council of America

Friends, Events of the past week demonstrated that words matter. The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) immediately condemned Representative Ilhan Omar’s tweet for what it was – an anti-Semitic trope. We followed-up with a statement, denouncing Rep. Omar’s tweet because it represented ...

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Iran looks East amid US Trials and Tribulations

by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with the Asia Times by special agreement with the author) On the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, this past Friday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei made an effort to express Iran’s geopolitical stance in simple terms: ‘We ...

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Civil War Coming to America?

Side note: I don’t necessarily agree with everything Jonathan Roth says here, but I find his presentation thought-provoking and well worth listening to.  I hope that you will find likewise.

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President Maduro Officially Launches Venezuela’s Largest Ever Military Exercises

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has officially launched largest military drills in the history of the country. CARACAS (Ooduarere) — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro officially launched on Sunday the country’s most large-scale military drills ever, according to a live broadcast of the event. Before the ...

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How Syria Won The Revolution; The Jihadi Factor

By Ghassan and Intibah Kadi The “War on Syria” has had many unintended twists and turns that were unforeseeable at the time it began. The plotters had no reason to believe they were going to lose, and the defenders had ...

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