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Bad PR: Pure arrogance and self worship on a grand scale.

I would understand if it was a commercial firm that made this decision.
But for an elected public official, this is arrogance and self worship on a grand scale.

It shows the mindset of the ones in charge of Nigeria.

1. You’re a servant to these People. They voted you in. And you have a legal responsibility to serve them.

2. That’s because the money you are paid for ‘constituency funds’ comes from the public till for ALL the residents of that constituency. It is not your money. You are not fucking doing them a SINGLE favour. In a country where the legal system works, you’d be begging them to collect so you can reconcile the accounts.

3. You fail woefully in the reasoning and logic department. The youths who have turned down the transformer would represent less than 3% of that community. So your intention is to punish the toddlers, babies, disabled, infirm, old age pensioners (OAPs) and the hardworking adults of that community.

So how are you a leader?

Even the errant youths could be talked to. They have become what they are because of government failure over time. Why don’t you schedule a political clinic and go talk to the whole community?

Next election comes, you will bribe the same youths to engage in brigandage and crime just to secure votes as you all do.

You’re not a monarch. You’re a servant to these people.

And sincerely, your level of thinking is not different from theirs.


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