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odu ifa

Àse Ifá

Àse Ifá ( supplication) from Ejiogbe at our Temple, Indigene Faith of Africa(Ijo Orunmila Ato) Inc today, Ose Ifa, 25th January 2020 titled Èyónú Àwon Ìyà mi Àjé lósunwònÌbínú won kò dára Affection of Our Powerful Spiritual Mothers ( Great ...

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1906 picture of an Ìyánífá among the Ewe people.

Should any man remain entitled to be intimate with women, after flatly denying latter the power to become Ifa diviners?

Should women be allowed to practice as Ifa diviners?(Actually, what sort of stupid question am I asking?Who appointed men as the gatekeepers regulating what women should or should not do?)The proper question is this: should any man remain entitled to ...

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Isefa, Itefa, Idafa, Ise Ifa/Akose.

About Isefa, Itefa, Idafa, Ise Ifa/Akose.

Isefa is to receive one hand of Ifa. This only happens if due to one reason or the other, the person could not be initiated at that present time and it’s important for such person to have Ifa at that ...

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orisa books

Ifa/Orisa books

Ifa/Orisa books at affordable prices (still in stock) Order for yours now!!!! 1. Ifa: Ohun Enu Olodumare Ifa: God’s Sacred Message to Mankind 2. Ifa: Ohun Ijinle Aye Ifa: Philosophy of Life 3. Egbe: The sacred tie that binds 4. ...

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Ifá naa ki bayi wípé..

Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi? Aku ise ana o Eledumare ninu aanu re yio fi ire gbogbo wa wari loni o Àse.Ifá yi gbawa niyanju wipe ki a bo ifá pelu obi meji ati agbebo adiye, ki a si ...

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Geomancy Is A Form Of Ifa!

The most outrageous and misleading statement about Ifa I yet have heard is that Ifa is part of some Arab culture, and that it is geomancy.

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Ifa University: What is the name of this drum?

In what part of Yorubaland is it found? Who plays the drum? When is the drum played? What are the figures carved on the sides? ~Moyo Okediji‎

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Ifa University: Opele, erindinlogun, yanrin tite, which one is most accurate in divination?

Ifa University   One of our contributing members Funmialore Oyebamïji ask the following: Opele, erindinlogun, yanrin tite, which one is most accurate in divination? what do you say ?

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Ifa University is an educational organization for the study of Ifa cultures in the 21st Century.

Ifa University We regard Ifa as body knowledge, including religious, artistic, philosophical, scientific, mathematical, and technological contents and practices. Our challenge at the Ifa University is this: what do we add to the study of Ifa as 21st century minds? ...

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Ifa University: Verses of Ifa ?

Greetings to Ifa University, 1. What are the name(s) of Ese Odu (verses of Ifa) that specifically talk about “Itefa?” For example its purpose, who should do it and why, according to the Ese odu. 2. If possible Please post ...

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