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araba ifa sermon

Opepe aye Ifa dun opepe !

Please sing along with me as follows :- Opepe aye Ifa dun opepe Nijo eku eleku Opepe, eleku o gbodo rojo opepe Nijo eja eleja Opepe, eleja o gbodo sunkun Opepe Nijo eye eleye Opepe, eleye o gbodo rojo opepe ...

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OGUN: Deity of War!

Iron (metallic) materials (in general) Palm frond (Mariwo Ope), dog, tortoise, roasted yam, red palm-oil, cock, Palm wine were the favor objects of Nature in use by the Deity of Ogun when on earth. Hence, Ogun propitiators revere the use ...

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Russia’s new preemptive move in Lebanon

by Ghassan Kadi Russia has put herself, for better or for worse, in a position that requires a huge role in the Levant; perhaps much bigger than what Russia bargained for on the eve of the Russian “intervention” in Syria on ...

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Flight Of White Swan: Tu-160 Fleet Modernization And Expansion

On January 25, 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defense officially announced the contract for the modernization of 10 Tu-160 strategic bombers to the Tu-160M2 standard, to be fulfilled by the Kazan-based S.P. Gorbunov Aviation Plant belonging to the Tupolev Aviation ...

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Syrian War Report – February 7, 2018: Syrian Army Liberates Dozens Villages From ISIS In Northeastern Hama

Overnight on February 7, the Israeli Air Force fired three missiles at a target in the Damascus countryside. The strike was allegedly aimed at a technology research center in the Jemraya area. According to pro-government sources, the Syrian Air Defense ...

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us the terrorist in Syria

Syrian War Report – February 6, 2018: YPG Sends Large Force To Combat Turkish Army In Afrin

A large convoy of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS) was filmed in the city Afrin overnight on February 6. The convoy reportedly consisted of over 100 vehicles, including buses. According to various sources, the ...

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colour revolutions

Scott’s answer to an email from a Grid Dynamics employee

by Scott Humor After my research Grid Dynamics connects wars in Ukraine and Syria with Soros’ Open Russia, Sobchak and snipers in Saratov was published, I received a reply from one of the company’s employees. We are withholding the name and occupation ...

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WSWS on Iran protests: Good leftists going bad at the worst time, again

by Ramin Mazaheri When perhaps the top daily-news leftist website – the World Socialist Web Site – has the phrase “brutally exploited Iranian working class” in their first sentence, something is clearly out of balance. Because if Iran’s working class is ...

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What is Venezuela’s Petro? It’s socialism to bitcoin’s rescue

by Ramin Mazaheri The simplest way to answer that question is: The Petro is a bond sale for foreign investors, with the proceeds going to pay the infrastructure costs required to implement the first-ever mass national adoption of crypto-currency. Now that ...

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cheap flight

Top 5 Secrets For Finding The Cheapest Airfare

If you’re travelling tomorrow and you start looking for cheap airfare today, your chances of finding a great deal will decrease rather dramatically. Thus, the earlier you start looking, the better. To pay low airfare prices, Jumia Travel, the leading ...

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