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Exciting Nigerian Honeymoon Destinations 

You just got married or about to wed. Expectedly, you may be in search of honeymoon destinations in Nigeria where you can enjoy the best of getaways with your spouse. From the expensive to the most affordable, you have them ...

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Syrian War Report – February 2, 2018: Militants’ Defense Collapsed In Eastern Idlib

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the town of Bulbul as well as the villages of Ali Kar, Za’ra and al-Ham from Kurdish YPG forces in the area of Afrin. According to pro-Turkish sources, ...

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Funny Video – How To Spot A Yoruba Demon

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Highly Regulated, Gov. Issued Cryptos to Challenge Bitcoin in 2018?

Calls for cryptocurrency regulation were a resounding theme at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week. The world’s most prominent financial institutions remain wary of going all in on cryptocurrencies, amid fears of future regulation leading the marketplace to ...

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Onwa Febuwari Atuo!

Onwa ozo atuo n’uju. Anyi na-ekele Chineke onye mere ka anyi hu onwa Febuwari anya.Otutu ndi mmadu bu ndi nwuru n’onwa Jenuari gara aga. Ma ubochi tata anyi azobanyego ukwu n’onwa nke abuo n’afo puku abuo na Iri na asato ...

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