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Romelu Lukaku Scores 50th Goal, Becomes Belgium All-time Goalscorer

Striker Romelu Lukaku has scored his 50th goal for Belgium, becoming the country’s all-time leading goalscorer, MySportDab reports. Lukaku’s right footed shot from the right side of the box to the bottom right corner was assisted by Youri Tielemans.

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Nigerian Developer Beats 750 People To Win $10k Prize Money In Dubai

Another Nigerian in tech, Abdulhakim Bashir, on Wednesday, October 9, became the winner of another international competition. He won in the Artificial Intelligence category of the Startup Innovation competition which was put together by the Dubai’s World Trade Centre, Daily ...

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Russia’s kidnapping problem

[this article was written for the Unz Review] No, this will not be an article about Russians kidnapped in Chechnia (that was a very long time ago) or somewhere in a combat zone.  I will be talking about the USA and ...

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SDF Seeks Cooperation With ‘Bloody Assad’ Against Turkey

The withdrawal of US troops from the Turkish border has caused a kind of panic among the leadership of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, which mostly consist of Kurdish militias. On October 7, the group already speculated that the Syrian ...

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O̩kùnrin àkó̩kó̩ lórí Te̩lifísò̩n l’Áfíríkà filè̩ bora

Bí Kunle Ọlasọpe, ìlúmọ̀ọ́ká agbóhùnsáfẹ́fẹ́ ṣe lo ìgbésí ayé rẹ̀ rèé o. Fẹ́mi Akínṣọlá Àwọn àgbà bọ wọ́n níjọ́ a kú,làá dère,èèyàn ò sunwọ̀n láàyè. ọrun dẹ̀dẹ̀ má kánjú gbogbo wa la ń bọ̀.Olóògbé Kunle Ọlasọpe, tíí ṣe ọkunrin akọkọ ...

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Èèyàn tó pọ̀ ní Nàìjíríà kìí ṣe dúkìá, gbèsè ni – Sanusi

Èèyàn tó pọ̀ ní Nàìjíríà kìí ṣe dúkìá, gbèsè ni…Sanusi Fẹ́mi Akínṣọlá Emir ilu Kano, Mohammadu Lamido Sanusi (II) sọ oko ọrọ kan niluu Abuja lọjọ Aje nibi to ti sọ pe gbese ni iye eeyan to wa lorilẹ-ede Nàìjíríà ...

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Governor Seyi Makinde

Adelabu tún gbé Ṣeyi Makinde lọ sí ilé ẹjọ́ kòtẹ́milọ́rùn

Adelabu tún gbé Ṣeyi Makinde lọ sí ilé ẹjọ́ kòtẹ́milọ́rùn Fẹ́mi Akínṣọlá Àwọn àgbà ní bí o bá nídíì,arúgbó ò gbọdọ̀ sunkún ọmú.Bayo Adelabu ti ẹgbẹ́ òsèlú APC ní òun kò faramọ́ ìdájọ́ Àjọ Elétò Ìdìbò tó ní Ṣeyi Makinde ...

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“Polexit”: Poland As Lynchpin Of Us Central European Strategy

Written by J.Hawk exclusively for Ooduarere via SouthFront While Donald Trump’s much-awaited visit to Poland in order to meet with Poland’s president Andrzej Duda has been cancelled on account of hurricanes and other domestic emergencies, the substantive aspect planned for that trip appears ...

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Putin Xi

SITREP: Zhongnanhai, 10-8-2019 – The Real Hot War Against the Chinese Peoples Republic

by Larchmonter445 for Ooduarere via The Saker Blog What the US just did regarding Human Rights in Xinjiang, blacklisting companies used by the China government and refusing visas for officials is pretty close to a last straw. Combined with financing, ...

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Naija Gist Special: Can of Worms. #sexforgrades

I also became a victim of a departmental head just because the man found me in the room of the girl he was harassing and felt I was his competition. This thing is so rife. If they want leads of ...

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