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Nnamdi Kanu

“Nnamdi Kanu Died In An Italian Hospital” – Kemi Olunloyo

“Nnamdi Kanu Died In An Italian Hospital” says Kemi Olunloyo: Medical Journalist Dr. Kemi Olunloyo recently posted on her twitter: #BREAKING UPDATE I was briefed by a top military defense dept source that Nnamdi Kanu did pass away in an ...

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Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro: The accessory for new work-from-home lifestyle.

TLDR: With active noise cancellation, epic sound and a number of Apple-centric features, the Apple Airpods Pro are ideal for making the house office sense just like the office. Looking to get work done within your house is much less simple ...

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Iwure AJE

Iwure AJE Toni. Aje wa fii ile mii se ibugbe ❗❗❗ Aje iwo lobi Ogun ilu Aje iwo lobi Olufa Aje iwo lobi onipasan owere Oyale asin win bear asin win dolowo Oyale asi were oso asi were di aniyan-pataki Aje ...

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Ògúndá Méjì: Odù

Ògúndá Méjì.It is a fact that there is anxiety all over the World as a result of coronavirus pandemic. This is a challenge to all faiths. What else can we do other than supplication and offering. Looking at Odù, “Ògúndá ...

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#KIMJONGUNDEAD Goes Viral Amid Speculation About North Korean Leader Kim’s Alleged Demise

KIMJONGUNDEAD Some social media users speculated about the way Kim’s doctors might have acted if the reports about his condition were true, but others suggested that the North Korean leader may actually be fine after all. Following speculation about North ...

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Messenger Rooms: Facebook challenges Zoom by supporting 50 video callers at once

Video calling and virtual meetings have become our new normal during this pandemic, and everyone from Zoom, to Microsoft, to Google wants a piece. Today Facebook threw its hat into the ring by announcing Messenger Rooms, bringing massive improvements to ...

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esu is not satan

Esu Is Not Satan: Orisa Esu

ESU is not SATAN Esu is one of the Orisa in IFA Religion. The christians and the Muslims are trying to blackmail Esu by equating him with their own Satan, Ashitani, Devil, demon, Lusiva and other evil doers in their ...

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natasha apkoti

Natasha to Gov. Fayemi: If only you had listened to us in 2015, Ajaokuta steel complex would be functioning at full capacity now

Natasha H. Akpoti has blamed the continued non functional of Ajaokuta Steel company to Governor Fayemi of Ekiti State. Natasha who share how Feyemi wanted China to take over the company in 2015, said that she was happy they stop ...

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Nigeria on a Time bomb

Nigeria on a Time bomb: Why isn’t country feeding itself properly when 30-40% of the populace are farmers?

The simple answer to that question is the country is not Industrialized and over 40 years sabotage in the Ajaokuta steel industry put Nigeria on a time bomb just waiting patiently to explode. Why isn’t Nigeria feeding itself properly when ...

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The city in a time of plague

by Pepe Escobar for Ooduarere via The Saker Blog (cross posted with the Asia Times) History teaches us that epidemics are more like revelatory moments than social transformers The plague-stricken town, traversed throughout with hierarchy, surveillance, observation, writing; the town ...

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