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Orisa ori

Meet The most important Orisa

Orí is the most important Òrìsà amongst all the Òrìsà who can help us. There is no Òrìsà that guides one without his/her Orí. It is our Orí that leads us to Òrìsà. Learn first about your Orí before receiving initiation to Òrìsà

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OriOri is one of the most important Orisa assigned to manlm on earth. Wherever we may be going, our Ori is always following is. Whatever we are doing, our Ori is always there but the most important thing is if our Ori is in support of that thing or against it.Ori is far more powerful than all Orisa because no matter how much one Orisa is trying to bless, support or protect us, if our Ori is against it, well ...