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Ori Inu The Ifa Concept of the Inner Self

Ori -Inu: The Ifa Concept of the Inner Self

Ori is the mystery of consciousness, and ori-inu is a mystery within a mystery./ It is the invisible self within the self, or, to use the Yoruba description, it is the self that dances in front of the mat. In this context, the mat is the symbol of the unity of all creation. Ifa teaches that even after we have accessed the center point of our being, the course of individual consciousness, there is a deeper inner layer that remains elusive and unknowable because it is the source of knowledge.

It is one of the goals of various Ifa and Orisa initiations to reveal the ori-inu to the ori. This part of the initiation process is symbolized by Osun’s illumination. It is also the reason for the taboo against iyawo’s (the newly initiated) looking into mirrors. Once you have seen yourself fully you run the risk of losing yourself in a mirror until the inner self is easily accessible.

The ancient sages of Ifa made a very thorough analysis of the elements that form the total self. They have distinguished between the elements that unite to form ori-inu, including Atari, Ipako, Apari-inu, Ori-apeere, Alunleyan, Akunlegba and Ayanmo. A study of these components and their functions provides a key to understanding the link between the consciousness of the individual and the consciousness of the Spirit.

ORIKI ORI (Praising the Inner Spirit)
Ori san mi. Ori san mi. Ori san igede. Ori san igede
Inner Spirit guide me. Inner Spirit guide me. Inner Spirit support me. Inner Spirit support me.
Ori otan san mi ki nni owo lowo. Ori otan san mi ki nbimo le mio.
Inner Spirit supports my abundance. Inner Spirit supports my future children.

Ori oto san mi ki nni aya. Ori oto san mi ki nkole mole.
Inner Spirit supports my relationship. Inner Spirit protects my house.
Ori san mi o. Ori san mi o. Ori san mi o. Oloma ajiki, iwa ni mope.
Inner Spirit guides me. Inner Spirit guides me. Inner Spirit Guides me. Protector of Children, my inner character is thankful.
May it be so. Aseoooooo

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