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Sun re o: Yeyelufe Of Ijebu-ife

Mr. Anthony Ademolu and Family announce the passing of the esteemed Elder, the YEYELUFE OF IJEBU-IFE….Sunre ooooo, Yeye!

“….With heavy heart and gratitude to Almighty God, I announce the passing on to glory of my beloved mother, grand -mother and great-grandmother THE YEYELUFE OF IJEBU-IFE, Chief Mrs. Adebukanla Anike Oshikoya. She was 98 yrs old.
You were a mother of all mothers. You loved not only your children, but anyone that God put in your path. You single handedly raised me and my siblings and other children not even related to you.

Mama, you were one in a million. For all you have done for me and my siblings, we can not thank you enough. You are our jewel of inestimable value forever. Although, my heart is heavy, I take solace in the fact that you lived a fulfilled life to the end. With blessings of God of six children and many grand and great-grand children, what else can we ask for?
Mama mi omo erelu abiye, aropo robe, ofi ogiri egbafa sebe, koba le ju koju, awon uye a je. Moo Eki Lambo omo abogu darudaru, omo okuku eluju, remi sorun bi ere. Sun re o..”

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