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Akinwumi Adesina

Africa’s Right to Use its Natural Gas Should be Part of COP27 Deals, AfDB President Says

Such a statement was made in light of some Western countries pushing forward the idea of reducing the use of fossil fuels in Africa. At the same time, some African countries are asserting the right to develop their rich gas ...

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syrian oil stolen by U.S

Military Situation In Syria On November 15, 2022 (Map Update)

On November 15, the Russian Ministry of Defense recorded no hostilities and ceasefire violations in the Idlib region in the past 24 hours;On November 15, the SAA-backed local militia began combing the Mohandessin building in Tariq al-Sad neighborhood in Daraa ...

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iraq iran strike

Military Situation In Iraq On November 15, 2022 (Map Update)

The IRGC struck positions of PKK and PJAK terrorist groups in the Sidakan region with several missiles and suicide drones;The IRGC struck positions of PKK and PJAK terrorist groups in the Koysanjaq area with several missiles and suicide drone;The IRGC ...

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Russian Strikes Throughout Ukraine On November 15: Cities Plunged Into Darkness. Poland On High Alert

On November 15, at about 3 pm local time, an air alert sounded throughout Ukraine. The explosions were reported in almost all regions and cities of the country. Immediately after the attacks, power outages and interruptions of public transport began. ...

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Andrei Martyanov

Sitrep by Andrei Martyanov

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the last battle

‘The Last Battle for the World’

By Batiushka for Ooduarere via the Saker blog Introduction When last week Allied troops quit the right (= western, or in this case northern (1)) bank of the Dnieper and so the regional city of Kherson (original population 283,000), confusion ...

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G-20 Summit 2022

G-20 Summit 2022 at Bali was termed a critical one

by Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan for Ooduarere via the Saker blog Global Challenges • After the breakout of COVID-19, which has engulfed the whole world and even superpowers like the US became the worst victim, the awareness of the ...

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russia iran flag

Rewiring Eurasia: Mr. Patrushev goes to Tehran

by Pepe Escobar, first published at The Cradle and posted with the author’s permission The meeting this week between two Eurasian security bosses is a further step toward dusting away the west’s oversized Asian footprint. Two guys are hanging out ...

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Sun Tzu Walks Into a Kherson Bar…

by Pepe Escobar, posted with the author’s permission and widely cross-posted Deal or no deal, General Winter is coming to town – ready to entertain his guest of honor Sun Tzu with so many new dishes at their dinner table. ...

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The celebrations in Brazil for the victory of Lula – Video

After learning of the victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the ballotage this Sunday, a crowd gathered on Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo, to celebrate the victory of the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) in the most ...

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